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‘Let me encourage you to keep trying, to keep your faith, there is hope’ 

In 1968, inspired by the reports and images from over a decade of civil rights protests in the southern US states, Paul  McCartney penned the song ‘Blackbird’, which later featured on The Beatles ‘The White Album’. A significant source  of inspiration came from the members of the Little Rock Nine group.  

In 1957, the group were the first black students to be enrolled in, until that point, an all-white Arkansas school after the  US Supreme Court overruled segregation in America’s public schools. The group faced mob violence and protests on  entering the school but continued to attend, graduating a year later. Instead of directly mentioning the struggles  experienced during the civil rights movement, McCartney’s lyrics sympathise with the people most affected through  the imagery of a blackbird, which can then be interpreted as a ‘black girl’. In 2016, McCartney met backstage two  members, Thelma Mothershed Wair and Elizabeth Eckford, where he called them ‘Pioneers of the civil rights  movement’. 

iBlackbird shares this inspiration of faith, hope, and empowerment. Over the last few years, we ourselves have grown  and found strength in community. Summer 2022 highlights the beginning of many events in iBlackbird’s calendar to  celebrate life and the people that have and continue to inspire us. 

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