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iNotting Hill Blackbird Ensemble


Our Story


During the lockdown period in 2021  a small group of talented individuals came together to form the iNotting Hill  Blackbird Ensemble.

At the time the premise was for the individual established musicians to collaborate primarily  for the iBlackbird celebration of life tributes.


Moving forward the iNotting Hill Blackbird ensemble performed  a short series of social media celebration of life tributes to Sir Paul Mccartney and the Beatles Blackbird song.  Coupled with musical  inspired infulence from the Jamaican reggae group the Paragons and Rosalyn Sweat  from their 1973 Blackbird reggae covered version release.


Today iNotting Hill Blackbird  ensemble would like to  take this opportunity to say a big Thank you to Sir Paul Mccartney and the Beatles and not forgetting  members of  Jamaica's many finest musical families the Paragons and Rosalyn Sweat for their timeless inspiring legacy of  music for us all to enjoy.

Ase’ Ase’ Ase’


We hope you enjoy our celebration of life series


iNotting Hill Blackbird ensemble members

Bro Amrit Singh | Tabla


Bro Omowale Ru Pert-em-Hru  | African Drums


Bro Wadada Stanbury | Saxophonists 


Flower Veronica Daughter | Spoken words - Singer


Blackbird Tributes Link


Sir Paul McCarthney


Legendary Musician Nile Rodgers


Grenfell  Notting Hill /North kensington London


More to be added


Bro Amrit Tabla


Bro Wadada Saxophone

Brother Omowale Drums

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